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Outdoor adventures that give back to innovative and impactful rescue initiatives and organizations

Since we cannot personally adopt all animals in need of forever homes, each and every pack hike, walk, and training session gives back financially to innovative and impactful rescue organizations in and around Portland, OR. 

Hounding Around also strives to be the best stewards of the land that we can be. We ensure to scoop all poop and collect any litter that we come across on our adventures. Thanks to our friends at Threshold Brewing, we collect the garbage in recycled malt bags (or recycled grocery bags for shorter, neighborhood strolls). All recyclable material is properly disposed of, and the value of any redeemable cans and bottles is donated to nonprofits that work to keep Oregon clean and green.

Hounding Around’s Pack Leader, Avery, can also be found volunteering at the Oregon Humane Society, picking up litter in her neighborhood, and fostering dogs with her fiancé.

With each adventure through Hounding Around, you can feel proud to send your dog on beneficial adventures that supports animals in need and keeps our trails clean.

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