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Our dog training program is designed to help you build a strong relationship with your pup to give them the confidence and skills they need to be their best selves. As an experienced trainer, I am skilled in working with reactive dogs, as well as providing training for basic obedience and loose leash walking.

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Our Training Style

We recognize that there are numerous ways to train a dog something, and just like humans, each dog learns differently. Using positive reinforcement, compassion, and a positive attitude, we create a connection with the dogs that we work with to build the skills you're looking for. 

Each session provides dedicated one-on-one focus on your dog

We cater each session to your dog, their needs, and your goals

Learn effective tools to continue the training on your own


We come to you! We want to meet you (and your dog) where you're at, and often, that starts at home

Offers peace of mind knowing that your pet is with professional, trained, first-aid certified, and insured pet trainer that LOVES dogs

You may notice some pups wearing E-Collars. I do have experience with these, and believe that there can be value in using them. I will never require you to use one. With clients that have already trained their dog with one,I use them as a communication device, utilizing the tone and vibrate functions. 

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