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What originally started as borrowing a group of friends' dogs for off leash hikes and dog time, has become a formal dog adventure day camp that gives back to innovative and impactful animal rescue organizations.

Hounding Around is a rewards-based dog day camp. With years of dog sitting, walking, and training experience, we have a strong understanding of different dogs' needs, play styles, stressors, and drives. We have experience with puppies, reactive dogs, small and large breeds, as well as elderly dogs. 

We are certified in dog first aid and are insured through Business Insurers of the Carolinas so you can rest assured that your dogs are in good hands while out and about. 

Hounding Around Helps

Each and every adventure gives back financially to various rescue organizations. Read more here!




Pack Leader & Founder

Spending my days with dogs while exploring the PNW is truly a dream come true! 

I have been professionally walking dogs for several years. Upon completing Rhonda Bilodeau's My Dog Camp Course, I am thrilled that Hounding Around has formally come to life. I pride myself on continuously improving my knowledge and skillset so that I can be the best Pack Leader for you and your pups. 

When I am not adventuring with my pack, you can find me with my fiancé camping, snowboarding, or fostering dogs.


Branch Manager

Our lab plott hound, Piper was adopted in December 2020 from the Oregon Humane Society. Piper enjoys swimming, chasing squirrels and running along side my bike off-leash. She is quite the independent lady who earns her keep by carrying the emergency first aid and extrication sling in her back pack.



Chief Camp Dog & Certified Potato

Frank the Tank is an 19 year old corgi chihuahua that enjoys running on the beach, sleeping, and searching for floor snacks. This queen can still be found on pack hikes, both trotting along with the rest of the pack, and hanging out in her backpack. 


President of Pets

This special team member reaps all of the benefits of doggos constantly in and out of our home, while patiently facing the constant hair and dirty paw prints that accompany them. 

Here is Ashley's testimonial, as Avery's right-hand woman. "I am Avery's fiance so I am a bit biased, but hear me out. When I say that I am obsessed with our Chief Camp Dog and Certified Potato Frank, it is an understatement. Frank has been the love of my life since I adopted her in 2006. A few years back, here comes Avery into our lives to whisk Frank off her tiny little sausage legs. The attention to detail that Avery provides to Frank when she has had enough exercise, wants some alone time from the rest of the pack (old ladies need space), or she simply wants a snack, is incredible. I whole heartedly believe that because of Avery and the active life she has helped to provide for our Frank, she is able to live her best life and thrive every single day. Having an awesome little (big) sister like Piper Q. helps as well :) "



Portland, OR


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