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Dog Adventure Day Camp Pack Hikes, Training

&  Weddings

With the goal to wear out even the most active of dogs, our off leash day hikes provide exercise and social interaction for your pup, while giving back to impactful animal rescue organizations.




An off-leash dog day camp where pups romp with friends for 2-3 hours

Wedding Pet Handler

I'll accompany your pup to your wedding in whatever capacity you're looking for


We offer training to get your dog camp ready, as well as training for reactive dogs and puppies


Wedding Day Doggos!


Avery has taken care of my dog since he was just a puppy and she continues to be the only person I 100% trust to take him off-leash. She is an experienced dog owner, knows how to handle different temperaments well, and has strong training skills. My dog always came home from their adventures physically and mentally exhausted and his behavior was so much better because of it!

Megan K.

Avery has been an exceptional caretaker of our two pups, June and Adonis. She has a gift for putting humans and their pets at ease, bringing confidence and lightheartedness to all encounters. Her adventurous spirit means our pets always have great outdoor experiences and plenty and chances to exercise when being cared for by Avery. Our pups always come back tired and happy! Bonus: we receive very cute picture evidence of their fun times. I highly recommend Avery for your pet adventuring, sitting, walking and sitting needs!

Margot S.

Avery is in her element when she's with dogs, and it's rare you catch her without at least one (although usually more) at any given time. She cares deeply for our canine counterparts, and you can tell after just a few minutes together that your dog is in the best hands. Whether she's working on training, or just going for a romp in the woods, she loves to lead dogs, and they love to follow her!

Erin K.


Avery Harris, Founder & Pack Leader

Portland, OR


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